WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

If you have ever researched, participated or discussed Blogging, you have likely heard the name, WordPress. However, there are a couple of major differences between the blogging service (e.g. yourblog.wordpress.com) and the platform that hosts professional, full websites. When we develop websites for you, your business or organization, we install the self-hosted version of WordPress on your server.

WordPress.com is a hosting platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online. The software is hosted and maintained by Automattic, not on your own server. WordPress.com is brought by some of the same people who work on WordPress (the open source blogging software that powers millions of websites, which we recommend).

CONS of WordPress.com

  • Some themes are provided, but you cannot upload a custom theme
  • You can’t modify the PHP code behind your blog
  • You can’t upload plugins

BENEFITS of WordPress.org (self-hosted)

  • Ability to upload custom themes
  • Ability to upload plugins
  • Complete control to change code if you’re technically minded

CONS of WordPress.org (self-hosted)

(When you work with Now Creative Group or another web professional to setup and design your site, these are not actually ‘cons’).

  • You need a web host, like Daniel Design Web Services
  • Requires more technical knowledge to set up and run
  • You’re responsible for creating and maintaining backups of your site
  • You’re responsible for updating the WordPress software when new versions are released

WordPress is always a free blogging software, that Now Creative Group installs and builds your website with. With WordPress, we can install themes and plugins, run advertisements, edit the database and modify the PHP code that powers your site. Anyone can download the software for free from wordpress.org, but it must be installed on a Web Server before it will work (which is what Now Creative Group does). Hosting your own WordPress software can be fun and rewarding, and places full responsibility on the webmaster or site owner.

WordPress.org is the website where the free WordPress software can be downloaded. WordPress.org provides downloadable blog softwarecommunity mailing listscommunity support forumsdocumentation, and some free themes and plugins.

WordPress.com is different. You don’t download software or manage a web server to use WordPress.com. When you sign up for a WordPress.com blog, you’ll get a URL like andy.wordpress.com. You don’t control the software or the database, so FTP and shell access are not included. For security and performance reasons, custom themes or plugins can’t be uploaded to WordPress.com.

Ultimately, if you are building a Blog or Website, Now Creative Group recommends the WordPress.org solution – have full control and hosting your website on your very own server through Now Creative Group, with the most customization options.

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