Why You Could Need a Major Re-Brand

Re-branding is everywhere – from new logos for major corporations to both traditional and modern educational institutions, to telecommunications companies.

Your organization may be in need of a major re-brand if the points below are true.

  • You are constantly apologizing for your website
  • No one in your company – not even the founder – can tell you what your logo represents
  • Your marketing materials have a different message than your website or your public-facing team members
  • Your key differentiator is actually the exact same as what is being claimed by each of your top competitors
  • You can NOT communicate what your company does in 20 words or less
  • Your marketing messages are all centred around what you do, and not why you do it
  • Nothing matches – you have added various marketing tools (like a trade show booth, new shirts, a sales brochure, an e-newsletter, or new business cards), but when you place them side-by-side, none of them look even remotely similar to each other
  • Your business has grown in size and developed its strategy, but your materials are at a start-up level
  • You have not thought about any of these points, until now

Based on an article from LV8 Communications.

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