Why Video is so important to your business

The most effective way to promote and present your organization

Great products and services matter, but stories are what connect people with businesses and brands. Video is an engaging way to show off an organizations’s personality, people, culture, and customers. Video helps humanize a business and is one of the easiest ways to add interactivity to your website. 

Through our partners within the Now Creative Group, we are now able to offer a variety of video services.

Now Creative Group provide the tools to communicate your company’s story, engage and educate customers, and drive sales on your website. Our video products include company profiles, customer testimonials, scripted ads, and professional news stories. All our videos are produced in 1080p HD and delivered in mobile and web-ready formats.

Why is video so important to you or your organization? The statistics tell all.

  • People remember 50% more from a video compared to 22% with written content. —Wharton Business 
  • Landing pages with professional video generate 4-7x more engagement and response rates. —Search EngineWatch
  • Video in email marketing has been shows to increase email click-through rates by over 96%—Flimp
  • 52% of consumers feel watching an online product video makes them more confident in their purchase —Internet Retailer
  • Retail sites with video content increase conversion by 46% —Treepodia
  • YouTube is used by 77% of business for sharing content online —b2bmarketing.net
  • A video is 3x more likely to be shared on Twitter than any other type of content —Adobe
We make it easy to take action with video, today.
Learn more about our expanded service offering, and the variety of videos we provide, on our Video page here.

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