Why should your website have a Blog?

Does your business or non-profit have a website, but are not Blogging yet? Or do you not yet have a website, but are curious about how a Blog can drive results? One key fact is that adding content to the web on a regular basis increases the number of leads and your rating in search results.

Whether you are a one-person business or a thriving organization with dozens of staff, studies have shown that the size of the business is not a critical factor when it comes to your Blog being visible online. Blogger Grant Griffiths has put together a great resource based on research that having a blog can bring up to 67% more leads to your business or organization:

Why a Blog is Useful for You, your Business or Organization

  • Updating a blog is easier and faster than updating a static website
  • Businesses can create unique, target-specific content. Great way to gain Keywords for Searches
  • Other bloggers can link to you in their own relevant post, giving you better Search Engine ranking
  • Posting to a blog on a regular, consistent basis gives visitors a reason to come back and interact with you and your organization
  • Blogging gives you tools to gain visitors, then readers, then subscribers and build trust them to later grow your business

Read more about Blogging as a way to make your Website more successful in “Marketing With a Blog Generates 67% More Leads For Your Business“.

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