Visit Now at Startup Open House Toronto 2014

Startups across Toronto will open their doors on  Thursday, October 30 to give a glimpse into what life is really like at an early-stage company, for Startup Open House.

Now Creative Group will be participating in with over 20 startups, as part of the Toronto startup and Project: SPACES community. The event is taking place simultaneously in both Toronto and Montreal at several locations.

This month, Now launched StartupSuccess.ca, providing fresh creative support for startups.

Update: After a successful event, a video recap is now available:

Startup Open House

As told by our friends at Project: SPACES:

Why is this important?

It seems that everyone wants to start a startup these days, and this is great. More entrepreneurs = more ideas = a thriving ecosystem. But as the ecosystem grows, it seems the popular myths surrounding startups are growing with it. The media does a great job at communicating how exciting the whole thing can be – launching your product, getting 1,000,000 users overnight, raising venture capital, selling to Google – you know, the usual (we’ve all seen The Social Network). But as any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you, this scenario is far from average. What the media doesn’t typically communicate is how challenging and complex it can be to get a new venture off the ground, especially for first-time founders. It’s a roller coaster of ups and downs, pivots and re-launches, long hours and late nights.

Pulling back the curtain

That is why Startup Open House is such a great initiative. By pulling back the curtain and giving people an authentic look into life at a startup, budding entrepreneurs get a the chance to dispel some of the myths and get a real sense for what goes into starting a successful venture. It’s not about discouraging the would-be founder. It’s about providing some clarity so that maybe your first venture has a higher chance of success.

You’ll learn how it’s not just about having an idea and waiting for the cheques to arrive (but wouldn’t that be great?). First you have to convince people (your parents, your friends, your investors) that your idea is worthwhile. Then you have to build your team, design something great, find your first customer and ultimately scale your business – something new entrepreneurs rarely think about.

Now Creative Group will be present at 73 Bathurst St. along with startups like WisewordsHotsauceIPPINKAThe FastRackLiberty Village Brewing CompanyTrip180strings.fm, and MIKA Audio.

Startup Open House SquareFor more about Startup Open House, visit the FAQs.

Register for this event and RSVP on Facebook.

For support with your startup, visit StartupSuccess.ca.

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