Video showcasing innovative technology education for the next generation of creators

As a part of Toronto’s startup and tech community, Now Creative Group was asked to bring BrainStation’s new brand personality to life, through video. BrainStation is a team of innovators and coders who have come together to help share their knowledge of technology with the world. Now Creative Group and BrainStation collaborated to create a promo video to help showcase the educator’s capabilities and unique approach to education.

The process begins by having a meeting with Founder Duncan McCall, to solidify the goals of the video. From there, storyboards are mocked up, dates are set, and the equipment and team is confirmed.

The Now team candidly filmed inside classes, in order to capture the natural and friendly feel of the environment that BrainStation constructs. Interviews were also conducted with the instructors and students to get a real understanding of how the programs work and to discover who BrainStation is on a personal level.

brainstation process

The video is then pieced together for a harmonious and seamless feel by integrating upbeat music and strategically timed editing.

Throughout the process, emails and calls are given to ensure the quality of product is up to par with the client’s ideals. Any requests are discussed to allow enough time for any changes to get the optimal results before the designated deadline. The critique is an integral part of the creative process at Now Creative Group. BrainStation co-founder Jason Field reflects:

“The video production process went smoothly and the end result was exactly what we were looking for. It will assist our marketing in a massive way to illustrate to potential students what the BrainStation experience is like.”

brainstation class

The final promo video lives on the homepage of the BrainStation’s website as viewers enter the site. This video is meant to speak for their mantra:

“An ecosystem that fosters innovation, that attracts the best companies and brightest minds, requires a supply of talented people with the right skills. We create those people. Our students leave BrainStation with the skills and confidence to shape a future they want for themselves. We empower them with the ability to solve meaningful problems with technology and to create on the canvas of the 21st century.”

Watch the BrainStation video below:

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