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Webinar for Nonprofits: What every organization should know about communicating during the pandemic

Effective Communication Practices and How to Showcase Impact During COVID-19 Webinar | Tuesday, April 28 @ 2 PM As an organization leader, staff or volunteer, are you wondering what to post online right now, and how to communicate with your stakeholders? We know that things have changed very quickly, but there are some key guidelines […]

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How should brands speak to consumers in the age of COVID-19?

The sudden onset of COVID-19 has posed a major question for marketers: Should marketing messages stay the same in a time when consumers’ lives have changed so drastically? With the majority of consumers working from home, isolating from friends and family and avoiding travel, many brands are reevaluating whether their traditional communications are still relevant […]

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3 Steps for Guiding and Communicating to Customers during COVID-19

During the first week that many companies (including ours) went fully remote to help slow the coronavirus pandemic, Now Creative Group announced supports for businesses and non-profits (available here). Communicating to customers during this time is different, so below are three steps for how to guide and communicate to your customers during COVID-19. By Nathan […]

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