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Solving disputes is simpler with Condico

Nobody enjoys dealing with financial disputes — whether it be chasing a client down for outstanding payments, or issues collecting rent from roommates or tenants, there are not many affordable, user-friendly options out there. Thankfully, Now Creative Group is working with two Toronto entrepreneurs who have developed a way for you to cut down on endless […]

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Tips for Nonprofit and Charity Communications During COVID-19

Nonprofits and charities are facing a significant challenge as they strive to maintain connections to their audiences during a time of fear, information overload and short attention spans. At the same time, nonprofits are trusted leaders in their communities and especially now, need to connect to their supporters and audiences. Many organizations have taken a […]

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Stand with Owners: TELUS supporting small businesses through the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be as much of a financial crisis as it is a health one, significantly affecting Canadian small businesses and threatening the livelihoods of owners, their families, and their employees. Yet despite the challenges, countless owners have rallied and pivoted their businesses to survive against all odds. TELUS recently launched […]

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Social and Content Marketing in a Pandemic

When the April 1, 2020 Haste and Hustle conference with Richard Branson was postponed, we worked with the team to launch a solution to keep conference ticketholders and the broader Haste and Hustle network engaged while providing value. Shauna decided to create an online community with helpful content, and the Hustle from Home Accelerator Series […]

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Breathe easy with masks that give back: Introducing Maskwell

Protective masks, positive impact Now Creative Group is excited to announce the launch of Maskwell, in collaboration with our friends at PureFilters. Maskwell builds re-usable masks that feature high-efficiency replaceable filters to help keep you healthy during uncertain times. Because Maskwell believes that we all have a role to play in addressing the global pandemic, every […]

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