Turning Your Passion into a Business

After spending a decade as an AdWords Evangelist at Google, Frederick Vallaeys decided to turn his passion and experience into a small business by launching Optmyzr. He is also a partner at SalesX, a Bayer search marketing group.

“It wasn’t that I left Google to start Optmyzr. It was that I sort of knew I wanted to be my own boss at some point. And so the circumstances just aligned,and I decided to become a consultant and start advising people on online marketing. And so I tried a couple of different things, and Optmyzr eventually came out of a couple of pivots when I figured out this is what I’m really good at, met some good people to do it with. But I certainly didn’t start out doing this one thing. I just knew that I wanted to run my own business.”

The full video interview is below from Google Small Business:

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