Turbocharge Your Conference Presence

From creating useful collateral material to communicating early and often

Getting ready for a conference? Make the most out of it with these tips

By Henry Dang

Conferences are a great way to reconnect with peers, colleagues, and friends. It is also a great opportunity to build new relationships, promote your business, and generate sales leads. Whether you’re a speaker, attendee or exhibitor, here are five things you can add to your conference communications strategy to ensure more success.

5 tips to turbocharge your conference presence

Answer the keys questions of when and where

Let people know when and where the conference is being held, and how people can get a hold of you. If you are an exhibitor, make sure to share where you booth is located, hours you’ll be there and what visitors can expect to learn by stopping by. If you are presenting, make sure to share when you will speaking, what you’ll be talking about, and which conference room they can find you. Share this information in an email invite, Facebook event page and other social media.

Communicate early and often

No one likes a last-minute invite. Let your target audience know well in advance of the conference dates and times. Try informing them at least a month in advance, followed by updates, two weeks and a week before the event. Be sure to include information about the conference including the dates, location and times. Sometimes people miss the first emails, so sending reminders is a great way to keep the conference top of mind. Try creating fun invitations that people will remember.

Create useful collateral material

Stand out from the crowd. Don’t be another company with just another flyer, brochure or postcard. Take time to provide something valuable. Examples include USB thumb drive, clipboard, pens, or portable phone chargers. Make sure to have your logo printed on them and also your contact information if you can fit it. These little trinkets are a great way to remind people about your business.

Have a goal

What’s the goal of attending the conference? Is it to inform people about a new product, share information or generate leads? Whatever your goal is, spend some time to develop a short message you can use to introduce yourself, describe what you do, and how you can help people. Be sure that your messages support your goals.

Use social media to generate buzz

Many companies post photos or updates after events are over. Use social media to generate buzz about your booth, presentation or events you’ll be attending. Try live blogging, tweeting or streaming the event and invite people to connect with you in person.

Hope you have fun and find much success at your next conference.


henry-dangHenry Dang is a Senior Communications Strategist with Now Creative Group. If you’re looking for communications support for a conference or otherwise, feel free to reach out to Henry via email at henry @ nowcreativegroup.com or 416-639-6228 

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