The Personal Brand Behind the Business

Introducing the Personal Brand Starter Pack

From Now Creative Group, in partnership with DYPB (Discover Your Personal Brand)


Entrepreneurs dive-in fully on their business from day one — and whether you have co-founders or are a solopreneur, your personal brand gets put on the back burner immediately.

However, a big part of your startup’s success (other than product-market fit, given that there is need and you’re solving a problem) is the people behind the brand.

You may launch several startups, enter some joint ventures, or even sell or close-up shop — and you need a personal brand that remains during and after the often complex entrepreneurial journey.

Even famous founders, who are often promoted and glorified, are successful independently — outside of their main startup/company brand. Although Bill Gates will always be affiliated with Microsoft, he has a separate life with his Foundation, and a strong Personal Brand with a life of its own — see GatesNotes.com for example.

That is why, in addition to our Start Now package, Now Creative Group has created a Personal Branding Starter Pack!

Available as of June 2017, purchase before August 10 and receive a Free Ticket to DYPB: Canada’s largest Personal Branding Conference. (The package will also be available post-conference!). See below for details:



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