The Creative Behind The Cake

Featuring Opulent Cake Co. founder Angela Antonistan

Opulent Cake Co LogoAfter a re-design of the Opulent Cake Co. logo, website and marketing materials, Now Creative Group sat down with Angela to share her whole story.

When did you start baking? How did you find your passion?

I started baking after culinary school, so about five years ago. I actually stumbled into baking, it started off as a friend  liking my pictures of cupcakes I posted on Facebook. She asked if I would consider baking for her sister’s bridal shower. I said “sure, I’d be happy to!” and the journey started from there. I realized that I could apply my love for art with food, and that’s when I got excited.

What interests you about weddings?

The fact that two people can come to realization that they can’t be without each other and take the chance to build a life and grow together.

How did Opulent Cake Co. come to exist?

When I realized that I couldn’t see myself happier doing anything else. I wanted to take this craft and skill into the best possible scenario for myself. That’s when Opulent Cake Company came to mind.

What is one of the most unusual requests you’ve been asked by a client?

A star wars themed wedding cake, in the shape of the huge ship, whatever it’s called. It actually ties with the half Batman and white pearly wedding cake request.

What is your favourite wedding dessert trend?

Decorated sugar cookies. Buttery, crumbly, delicately sweet sugar cookies with beautiful intricate designs in royal icing.

opulent painted blue cookies

Where do you get your inspiration?

Flowers, books, paintings, fabric, floor tiles, the list goes on!

Do you ever think about your wedding? How do you envision your wedding desserts?

I do wonder about my possible, future wedding. I already know I will personally be creating the sweets table and the cake. They will be a reflection of the things my partner and I enjoy and want to share with our loved ones, of course with pretty colours and wonderful flavours!

Where is Opulent Cake Co. headed?

In the direction of growth and smart ideas. I hope the skills and techniques to create the cakes show progress. I don’t know for certain what will happen, but I did wonder about teaching later on.


Now Creative Group designed a custom publication for Opulent Cake Co. which you can browse below.

Visit the OpulentCake.co website to learn more about Angela and her work.

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