Taking a Local Tea Shop to the Next Level: Refreshing T by Daniel

A Brampton Retail Success Story

An exciting revival has taken place in the tea world. The charming Brampton-based tea company, T by Daniel, made the decision to refresh their visual identity into a modern, refined and polished look — including their new home in Bramalea City Centre.


Their look, having been used for over 7 years, was needing a new touch up. So our Creative Director Daniel Francavilla came up with a fresh set of colours for the brand, which were applied to the logo.

When it came to the logo, only minor tweaks were needed. Now Graphic Designer Naré Shahmouradyan executed solution that still stuck true to the original but polished and refined it so that it was sharper and tailored to a more youthful yet sophisticated audience. We also wanted to showcase their quirky/charming brand style, by having the top portion of the logo (where the cup and bowtie are) look more soft and curved coloured in navy blue and light salmon. Combined with the bold, clean sharp edges of the sans-serif font, it tied everything together seamlessly.

“Now was able to capture and execute our vision beyond our skill set, and with their creative angle give us a more polished and refreshed look, at a stage in our business when we really needed it. And the best part–it really resonated with our customers,” says Daniel Lewis (@tbydaniel), co-owner of T by Daniel along with his wife Renata who shared:

“Customers love our refreshed look, and we’re happy that with Now, we developed something that our customers can be proud of.”

The Colour Pallette

Now let’s talk colours. T by Daniel had always had very dark, masculine blue, paired with black and red. For the refresh, we aimed to cater toward their primary audience/demographic, which tends to lean more female, as many other tea companies. As it was time for a new era of T by Daniel (which had expanded much larger than Daniel in his basement), we also considered a brighter look for the upcoming new retail space in the mall.

The colours were inspired by our search for examples of our interior store design styles. This photo is an example of a fresh, rustic feel with pops of colour and hints of copper, which was what Daniel and Renata were looking for.



The main colours chosen were earthy mint and light salmon. It had a fresher feel to them than the previous dark colours. The earthy mint was meant to compliment the dark navy colour to make the colour pop more as well as the peachy light salmon to tie everything together.

The peachy light salmon was an upgrade from the darker more masculine red that was previously in use. The other accent colour chosen for this palette was Peachy Marsala. A lot more pink in tone than the 2015 Pantone colour Marsala, and was used as a deep and earthy tone to balance out the two main pastel colours. The other colours used in this palette was, of course, the traditional navy blue T by Daniel has used since they opened back in 2011, but also a deeper grey shade to add some depth, and of course white to make the place look brighter, cleaner, and add more space.

With the refreshed colours, our team determined that a new, consistent font was needed to pull everything together. It had to be bold enough to get attention, but also elegant enough to complement the colours and vibe that they were looking for. The selected font, Bebas Neue, is described as “clean lines, elegant shapes, a blend of technical straightforwardness and simple warmth which make it uniformly proper commerce”. This was used in T by Daniel’s new print materials, social media graphics and packaging, like product labels.

“It’s never easy to put your business, and particularly your brand into someone else’s hands. It’s like finding a babysitter for your child. You want someone who is going to love and care for that child the way that you would,” said owner Daniel Lewis.


“We went with Now Creative Group for our first ever rebrand in 7 years. The team was first and foremost patient. They suggested ideas and gave us room to say yes, or no, without taking any offence. They were strong in their vision for our brand, but also very much recognized that it was our brand.”


The Packaging

One of the biggest changes, small as it may seem, was in their packaging. It was made to be visually appealing, but also helps the consumer to see what they’re getting as it’s clearly laid out in a hierarchy from top to bottom. You can now clearly see the name of the tea, a description of the notes and flavours and other information as well as a list of ingredients and measurements. This gives more life into the labels that was meant to keep the T by Daniel brand top of mind. Another big change is their menu board. In the beginning, they were using a TV to display their menu, while convenient for quick changes, took away from the ambiance/charm. The new menu board made it a lot easier to read, especially for new customers who would only get confused by a moving menu. This not only made selecting their choices easier, but it was designed in the same style as the labels so it was consistent and reflected the design of the store.

The Store

As you take your first steps into the store on the second floor of Bramalea City Centre mall, you’re instantly transported into a high energy, friendly and inviting atmosphere. Before moving to the mall, T by Daniel had a “mom and pop” storefront in Downtown Brampton. The decision to move has not only allowed them to continue serving their loyal customers but also gain new ones.

“Everyone is raving about the designs and colours. I can’t stop bragging about you guys and all of the work you put into all of this to make it a huge success, so I’m super thankful for all of your help.” Daniel Lewis said in a voice message to the Now team:


“We’re so so happy and in love with the store, and even that plant you brought in at the end as the finishing touch. I just wanted to express my gratitude and how thankful we are and in my appreciation on behalf of T by Daniel, Renata, and myself.”




With guidance from us, the new T by Daniel store now has a more neutral palette with pops of colour for a fresh, modern look, giving the space a more aesthetically pleasing vibe that has been a huge hit with their customers. We wanted to showcase the fact that T by Daniel is a charming tea shop with a youthful, quirky and fresh vibe that is Instagram worthy. From their tea dispensers and signage to their murals and packaging. Every design aspect was meticulously selected with care, both consistent with the brand and true to their vision.

“Every time I come up the escalators of just sit down and look at the store, I just can’t believe how beautifully everything came together”

Renata Lewis (@mrs.tbydaniel), shared feedback on working with Now, saying “You guys were such a huge part of that, so thank you for your time, your effort and the communication and everything. You guys were amazing to work with. You helped give our brand the refresh it needed. Thanks again, we love you guys and appreciate you so so much.”



T by Daniel is steeped in charm and ambiance. Walking in, you’re greeted with a twirl and a curtsy, transporting you to a place unlike any other. The staff, always with a ready smile, is uniquely dressed in overalls and a striped black and white long sleeved shirt that is both charming and sets them apart from every other tea shop. Making a statement is what T by Daniel is all about and we’re all living for it.



Another unique feature that T by Daniel has are the words of motivation spread throughout the store. The mural of the cups on the wall is a personal touch that Daniel and Renata wanted for themselves. Those words of motivation not only get their day started but also reminds them of how far they’ve come and that while there are still more challenges ahead, the best is yet to come. You only have to believe it to see it. Their overall mission is, “to positively impact the lives of others, using tea as a means to do so.” The banner on their tea wall reflects their mission in a way that shows how humble they are and their goal to always remain that way. Now’s Lead Designer Andrew Ly created this bright, fun mural to execute Daniel and Renata’s vision.


The aromas of sweet-smelling teas with titles like When Harry Met Meghan, Love Note, and Polo With The Prince, fill the air as soon as you enter. Fun Fact: every tea at T by Daniel has a story behind it. Polo With The Prince? Actually served to Prince Charles himself on his three-day tour during Canada’s 150th World Tour. Or When Harry Met Meghan? It was created in celebration of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they got engaged.

Here are 10 memorable moments from 2017 that is like to share with you as we approach 2018 excited about all the new adventures ahead! 1. When we met and received the honour of serving HRH PRINCE CHARLES! ? 2. Finance Minister of Canada gave us a shoutout/plug! Thanks (T For Daniel has a nice ring to it…?) 3. Leader of the PC party Patrick Brown stunts his T By Daniel Lion Chai! 4. HRH Prince Charles sends us a personal letter of appreciation of our teas and we'll wishes for our business 5. Self published my official autobiography novel… which was picked up my @Chaptersindigo Brampton! 6. Invited to host a SPOOKTACKULAR book reading for the children at @indigo kids Brampton 7. We launched our own chocolate #DONKABARS with @mysweetsweetworld featuring: wow!, Matcha and The Lion Chai? 8. Met @arlenedickinson ??❤ @telus 9. I Yelled in the @BramptonLibrary #Bucketlist ? 10. The sad announcement of our beloved Mary's departure from T By Daniel Stay tuned friends,followers and fans. A lot more in store ? #newyears #yearinreview #magicalmoments #endofyear #business #Brampton #tea #teashop #SoDanCool #highlights #princecharles #SmallBusiness #Bigmomemts #memories #HappyNewYear #Canada #Tbydaniel

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So the next time you pass through Brampton, (or better yet, make the trip especially for T by Daniel) check out this truly magical shop with their amazing specialty teas that not only taste amazing but will give you an experience that will have you coming back time and time again for more.

Now produced a short highlight video from the launch, which you can see above.

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