What does innovation mean?

Insights from Toronto’s TakeOver Conference 2018

Innovation is one of the biggest buzzwords of today, used to describe new ways of working and thinking. What exactly does innovation mean, and how can one become an innovator?

On June 11, Now Creative Group had the honour of sponsoring TribalScale’s TakeOver Conference. This year’s event focused on the innovation mindset. The event was a huge success, bringing together over 1000 innovators to engage in conversation with over 60 speakers. We had the chance to sit down with some of them to learn what innovation means to them.


Innovation is investigative

“Be in love with solving the problem, not the solution.”  – Jessica Hatch, COO of Bloomberg

Being innovative isn’t about easy solutions. Innovators work and think about solving problems in context – and aren’t afraid to trial and error their way through it. The problem-solving experience is a learning lesson for true innovators.


Innovation is challenging

“Innovation is trying new ideas that you’re passionate about, regardless of what people might say.” – April Hossain, Account Manager of Now Creative Group

Organizations in traditionally archaic industries are transforming the way they do things, to better equip themselves to serve their clients and keep up with the competition. Bright new ideas are born from challenging the status quo. Innovators are able to innovate by taking risks, and resiliently learning from failures along the way.


Innovation is fearless

“Innovation is doing what seems scariest. Speak loudly even if your voice shakes, even if you don’t think you’re the right person to be doing it.” – Idas Levato, Business Development at The Big Push

Innovators dive into innovation even if it scares them. Trepidation is expected when entering uncharted territory. Those who are passionate about the work they do will see the value of overcoming their fears – be it public speaking, pitching, or critique. It’s part and parcel of innovation.


Innovation is awkward

“If it makes you uncomfortable, lean into it. Chase it.” – Joe Jackman, CEO of Jackman Reinvention Inc.

Innovation begins at the end of your comfort zone. It can feel awkward going against the grain and forgoing the ideas and ways of thinking that have been ingrained in us for so long. Innovators look at problems from a new perspective, to find innovative ways to solve our biggest problems.


Innovation is adaptive

“Innovation is about embracing change all around us. It’s about listening, being observant, and delving into the unknown.” – George Khalife, Director of Sampford Advisors

The most innovative companies are constantly in motion. In a world of the Internet of Things, AI, and driverless cars, innovators are experimenting on the regular. The only way to stay ahead is to keep moving.


Innovators are the leaders of change. They evolve with the changing times and solve our most pressing problems with fresh new ideas. They embrace the unknown, break the mould, and challenge the status quo.


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