Product Development

Breathe easy with masks that give back: Introducing Maskwell

Protective masks, positive impact Now Creative Group is excited to announce the launch of Maskwell, in collaboration with our friends at PureFilters. Maskwell builds re-usable masks that feature high-efficiency replaceable filters to help keep you healthy during uncertain times. Because Maskwell believes that we all have a role to play in addressing the global pandemic, every […]

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How to Brand a Product

Whether it is your first-ever product or the latest in a long product line, each product needs a branding approach that expresses what it does and who it is for. Here are four key things to consider when branding a product. Choose a great name Names matter, and it is challenging to change them after […]

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How to Build a Product from Scratch

By Joey Pelletier of Rebel When developing a new website or product, be careful when making assumptions (after all, you know what they say about assuming). Why? Because assumptions cloud your judgement. You must find any assumptions that you are making and prove (or disprove) them with evidence. Let’s take motorized scooters as an example. The creators assumed […]

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