Engagement Metrics: Why Yours Don’t Make Sense

Admit it, your engagement metrics don’t make any sense. As a creative agency we are are often approached by clients with a digital campaign in mind where they claim their goal is to increase sales and brand awareness by producing content that will get them social media shares, website impressions and views on YouTube. The […]

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5 Keys to Online Marketing for Your Business

Having an online presence is not a luxury, it’s a necessity — regardless of what kind of business you own. With the rise of mobile and wearable devices, the Internet is infiltrating every corner of the world. Consumers expect every business to not only have a website but several social media accounts and a mobile presence. […]

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Tips on Writing a Blog Post

Whether you are launching a new website or have an existing one, blogging plays an important role in your website’s perception, visitor activity and search rankings. You may have read some reasons Why Your Website Should Have a Blog – but how do you get started? Before you start writing, you may want to read some expert […]

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