Restarting Your Marketing to End 2020 Strong

By Chris O’Shea, Business Consultant — Originally published by BDC It’s self-defeating to stop marketing If you don’t understand how marketing is helping your business and there isn’t an instantaneous return, well that spend can be easily cut. Right? In the current economic environment and from a practical perspective, cutting the marketing budget can make sense. However, for […]

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How should brands speak to consumers in the age of COVID-19?

The sudden onset of COVID-19 has posed a major question for marketers: Should marketing messages stay the same in a time when consumers’ lives have changed so drastically? With the majority of consumers working from home, isolating from friends and family and avoiding travel, many brands are reevaluating whether their traditional communications are still relevant […]

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3 Small Business Marketing Myths Debunked

Myth 1: Marketing is advertising. Advertising is one part of marketing. It reinforces your marketing strategy. Marketing is aligning a specific offer for a specific target group.Advertising is about bringing attention to the offer. While we’re here, within advertising alone, there are 3 channels:  Awareness, which is how you would let your customers identify your […]

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