Driving Innovation: Branding Toronto’s Newest Startup Incubator/Accelerator

Hitting the streets of Downtown Toronto this winter is Soho Innovation Lab, an investor-backed accelerator and coworking space looking for kickass companies who want to build and grow, all while working in a collaborative environment. The premium quality, well-equipped space will foster an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation in Toronto’s flourishing tech and startup ecosystem. […]

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What does innovation mean?

Innovation is one of the biggest buzzwords of today, used to describe new ways of working and thinking. What exactly does innovation mean, and how can one become an innovator? On June 11, Now Creative Group had the honour of sponsoring TribalScale’s TakeOver Conference. This year’s event focused on the innovation mindset. The event was […]

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How to Stay Innovative in Your Business

Innovate to stay on top of your game Innovation is a top strategy for fostering the growth of Small and Medium-sized businesses. When surveyed by BDC, 81% stated that they owed their success to their ability to innovate. Innovating went hand in hand with their ability to understand clients’ needs and adapt their offerings accordingly. This is consistent […]

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