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Featured Founder: Uniquity’s Ren Guidolin

Style and comfort are no longer mutually exclusive. Uniquity is not only combining style and comfort, but putting sustainability front and centre. All of Uniquity’s pieces are crafted from sustainable fabrics so you can do your part for the environment without sacrificing fashion. Now Creative Group is proud to support founder and designer Ren Guidolin, […]

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Featured Founder: Emily O’Brien of Gatherr

Introducing Emily O’Brien! What does your startup offer? Gatherr is a Social Media Marketing Consulting firm that assists brands and influencers grow their audience and engagement on Instagram and other visually appealing social networks. We will sit down with a client and assess their needs and go from there. Whether it’s social media management or […]

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Launching Featured Founder Series and Recapping Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015

What you missed during Global Entrepreneurship Week Last week was GEW the world’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship. Now Creative Group was proud to support the 7th annual event, inspiring people around the world through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators. Featured Founder series on the […]

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Featured Founder: Ryan Doherty of iamsick.ca

Profiling Entrepreneurs for Global Entrepreneurship Week Featuring Ryan Doherty, Founder & President of iAmSick.ca Introducing Ryan! What does your startup offer? I am the president and co-founder of iamsick.ca, and we are a digital health company that focuses on helping Canadians access healthcare while also enabling healthcare service providers. We have a website and series of free apps that […]

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Featured Founder: Dave Anderson of Small World Generation and Moving Millennials

Profiling Entrepreneurs for Global Entrepreneurship Week Welcome to Now Creative Group’s Entrepreneur of the Month Series! Featuring Dave Anderson, Founder of Small World Generation, Moving Millennials, and A Few Good Men. Introducing Dave! What are you up to? I am the co-founder of Small World Generation, and we are currently obsessed with ‘teaching kids to be […]

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