Digital Marketing

How to Make the Most of your Marketing Budget

By Mikhaila Leech When you’re running a small business, every dollar counts. This is especially true with your marketing budget. You’ve created a corporate identity, but how will you let it be known? How will you generate the largest amount of leads for the fewest dollars?  How will you boost your revenue and blow your […]

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Engagement Metrics: Why Yours Don’t Make Sense

Admit it, your engagement metrics don’t make any sense. As a creative agency we are are often approached by clients with a digital campaign in mind where they claim their goal is to increase sales and brand awareness by producing content that will get them social media shares, website impressions and views on YouTube. The […]

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Content Marketing: How it can help your Business

It’s no mystery that the most effective marketing strategies include information consumers need — as opposed to irrelevant noise being screamed at them in a radio, TV or Internet ad — and a call to action. Though traditional advertisements will always be with us, social media have ushered in the gilded era of “content marketing,” […]

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