Company Culture

How to Hire the Perfect Team for Your Values and Vision

Company culture is a determining factor in business success. On Tuesday November 1st, Now Creative Group is hosting a special edition of our bi-weekly #TrainingTuesday events: A workshop on Hiring for Culture Fit. Alexis Dean founder of Dovetail Team Building & Training will be running a 90-minute workshop on scaling up your team with the right culture fit. Now […]

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How to Use Storytelling to Boost Your Company Culture

Bad meetings can kill your company culture. By Alexis Dean, Dovetail Canada Whether you’re running a massive Fortune 500, or a hip new startup, you’ve probably attended meetings that left you thinking “This should have been an email”. Most meetings are disruptive time wasters, but they don’t have to be. Including storytelling in meetings can increase […]

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Learn from Leading Company Culture Experts at #CultureConnect

How important is company culture to your brand? Now Creative Group is pleased to be part of #CultureConnect to inspire your culture development at any size organization. Join us for a panel discussion and breakout sessions lead by culture experts from some of Canada’s strongest company cultures, including: Shopify, G-Adventures, Freshbooks, Centre for Social Innovation, […]

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