Accepting Donations to Fund Your Website

Not all editorial or citizen journalism Web sites are supported by advertising. Some causes prefer to be free of the editorial constraints that paid advertising brings. If you’re depending on reader donations to fund your Web site, working smarter can net you more money. Tools to Receive Website Donations There are myriad tools available to […]

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Tips on Writing a Blog Post

Whether you are launching a new website or have an existing one, blogging plays an important role in your website’s perception, visitor activity and search rankings. You may have read some reasons Why Your Website Should Have a Blog – but how do you get started? Before you start writing, you may want to read some expert […]

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Why have a Canadian website?

Are you looking to start a new website for yourself or your business? Or, are you a Canadian with an existing website, ending with .com, .org, .net or another? There are several reasons to consider registering your website address (known as a domain name or URL) with the “.ca” extension (e.g. danieldesign.ca). Daniel Design can […]

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