Step Up Series

Create. Market. Grow.

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Course Content

Created and Facilitated by Aminah Haghighi and Daniel Francavilla

Part 1 | Selling Something from Nothing

The purpose of the first part of the workshop series is to breathe life into an idea that isn’t fully launched, thought out, or visualized yet. Learning how to take the why and turn it into value that you can pitch to sell to create meaningful partnerships. Sections will include:

Selling something from nothing

  • Creating mission, vision, and value set to be the backbone of your idea
  • How to take your passion and create value
  • How to find your brand story

Getting sponsorships and partners

  • How to use your story to pitch sponsors and partners
  • How to find the right partners
  • Targeting the right person, avoiding the gatekeeper

Selling your vision

  • How to find your voice
  • The art of storytelling, concisely
  • How to find the connection between your story and the brand

Messaging and email

  • How to craft the perfect email
  • Tips and tricks to save time
  • Our emails we’ve used

Speakers and experts for your events and podcasts

  • How to find relevant people and bring value to them
  • You will always have enough speakers.


Part 2 | Growing Your Audience 

It’s one thing to have a great idea, quality content and even partners and supporters — but you won’t last very long without an actual audience. Whether you’re looking for potential customers, listeners to your podcast or YouTube channel, or attendees at your conference, this workshop will cover the basics of bringing your content to the people that matter.

The workshop will discuss:

  • Distribution
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Strategies


BONUS: You will be granted some hours of support, from your very own Virtual Assistants, courtesy of the awesome VA team at Uplevel Solutions! (We’ll show you how to best utilize this support toward your marketing and growth).


Your Facilitators

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