Stay Fuelled

Food to Fuel You

Stay Home, Stay Inspired: A Guide for Creatives

Food to Fuel You

More time at home means more time in the kitchen — or at least, more time thinking about what to eat next. In the midst of self-quarantining, now is the perfect time to enhance your cooking skills or learn a new recipe. Although we miss the luxury of dining-in, local restaurants are currently in need of our support more than ever before. So whether it’s home-cooked meals or takeout delivery, here is a list of food-related resources that will help you stay fueled through a variety of meals during this quarantine (and no, coffee doesn’t count as a meal).

Iso-Hacks (Free) 

Toronto chef Trevor Lui features his exclusive recipes which he calls iso-hacks (isolation hacks, of course). His Instagram has several recipes and instructions available to any foodie. These recipes are simple, and his instructional guide can help you to create these from the comfort of your home. 

Mealime ($) 

Mealime is an application that allows individuals to plan their meals throughout the week with featured recipes featured. This app can help arrange recipes and create a list of the items needed to create those recipes. The application helps customize recipes suited for your needs. You can visit their website or Instagram @mealime

LeanSquad (Free) 

Phil McKenzie is a local Instagram influencer who has dedicated his page towards healthy living. His page features recipes that are both healthy and delicious. He also offers free home workouts through his YouTube channel that can help you stay healthy and energized during quarantine.  

Open Source Cookbook (Free)

Want to step up your cooking skills but sick of recipes from Pinterest? Chefs from across Toronto have come together to contribute recipes to a free online cookbook. This downloadable PDF is a compilation of recipes created by local chefs. Their recipes are catered to anyone cooking at home with the limited resources you have. Get this great guide to cook delicious food from home here. (There’s even an option to submit your own).

Stay Home, Stay Inspired: A Guide for Creatives

This page features just one of 6 categories of resources compiled as part of Stay Home, Stay Inspired: A Guide for Creatives. This resource was developed by Toronto-based agency Now Creative Group to support the creative community, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.