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Stay Home, Stay Inspired: A Guide for Creatives

Health, Happiness & Random Resources

Your wellbeing should never be overlooked, and in the midst of a global pandemic, we need to check in with ourselves more often. Don’t let boredom get the best of you. We’re sharing this assortment of resources with the sole purpose of keeping our minds healthy and happy.

In Process (Free) 

In Process is supporting freelance artists during this time by showcasing their creations, from print to furniture to jewellery. This site provides a look into the creator’s world, with main focus being to showcase the practice, routine, and work of people who inspire them.

Free Colouring Books from 113 Museums (Free) 

This website of cultural and educational resources for students is featuring colouring books from 113 museums from around the world, for free. This resource is a great way to not pass the time and get creative, but also to keep you calm during this global pandemic. 

Big White Wall ($$) 

Big White Wall is an online anonymous community focused on mental health, where members can support each other. Open 24 hours a day, the website offers an outlet for individuals to express themselves without ever feeling judged. The platform is dedicated to helping people dealing with a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. You can also check out their instagram @bigwhitewall1

Joy of Painting by Bob Ross (Free) 

Created by the famous artist Bob Ross, this YouTube channel is an instructional guide for creating your very own painting. Hopefully these episodes can help artists all over the world to sharpen their skills and create beautiful art paintings from the comfort of their homes.  

Health and Wellness Online Classes on CreativeLive (Free)

Looking to get into meditation, mindfulness, yoga or fitness training with the extra time on your hands? CreativeLive is a learning platform that offers thousands of online classes to help the worldwide community stay connected and inspired. In this time of need, all CreativeLive’s top health and wellness classes are streaming free 24/7. This includes all their top mental and physical health classes. Take advantage of this great opportunity to relax your mind and body during quarantine.

Homework Colouring Book (Free, Donation)

Make some fresh art to hang on your fridge — you’ll be seeing a lot of it. This is great for anyone of any age who you think might enjoy participating in this collaborative art ‘show’. The Homework colouring book is available to download for free, but if you are able please consider a donation to Second Harvest Food Rescue (no amount is too small). You can download the Colouring Book curated by Jeff Blackburn as a PDF here.

Virtual Perfumery Workshop  ($$)

Thinking of creating your own perfume? Lohn has introduced a virtual workshop, where you’ll get an understanding of aromatherapy, the “science” behind blending, smelling  and learning  more about plant based oils. The workshop comes with essential materials that can help you create your own unique perfume from the comfort of your home. 

Stay Home, Stay Inspired: A Guide for Creatives

This page features just one of 6 categories of resources compiled as part of Stay Home, Stay Inspired: A Guide for Creatives. This resource was developed by Toronto-based agency Now Creative Group to support the creative community, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.