Featured Founders: Small Business People’s Derek Picard & Jacky Wong

Get to Know Small Business People

The Start Now Featured Founders of Small Business People are bringing the grassroots feel back to bookkeeping. Navigating the books as a new business owner can be like feeling around in the dark. SBP is here to save the day with real-time support from a real-life team. They take care of the numbers and the technology with services tailor-made to the way you like to work. Their team has extensive experience in financial services as well as in running a small business, so you can rest easy knowing they get where you’re coming from.

What is Small Business People?

SBP is a small business too. Their services are simple, customized, and personal. They put you first; adjust to your schedule and your work style to provide bookkeeping and business strategies catered to you.

Who is a small business owner?

A small business owner works with the intention of either staying “in-the-business” or “on-the-business”. In the initial stages, they are running an owner-operated business.

How did SBP assemble?

Jacky Wong and Derek Picard met in the financial services industry, with a focus on serving small business owners and the self-employed. They later joined a local small business accounting firm where they noticed gaps in the relationship between small business and accounting. Julie Martinez joined this firm in 2015 and together they worked to create a unique system for business owners – a hybrid of old-school face-to-face communication and new technology. Small Business People was created when Jen came on board with the launch of PowerBooks™.

What is SBP’s mission?

Juggling running a new business, managing a growing team, and balancing the books at the same time isn’t easy. Small Business People are here to help business owners take care of payroll, bookkeeping, and tax preparation properly and in a timely manner. They take the guesswork off your plate, so you can go back to doing what you do best.

“We’re a small business too. When it comes to work-life balance, we lead by example. If we can’t do it for ourselves, how can we do it for our clients?”

What are your superpowers?

  • Derek is the “Megamind”. He works on the high-level stuff with attention to detail.
  • Jacky is the “Booky”. He adds personality back into bookkeeping.
  • Julie is the “Social Media Butterfly”. She goes big with small initiatives.
  • Jen is the “Chief Cheerleader”. She keeps up team morale and manages the to-do list.

How do you make your clients’ lives easier?

“SBP uses PowerBooks™ to handle all aspects of your bookkeeping. We realize business owners’ need for real-time real-life support. We provide live support from real people. We combine this traditional approach with innovative technology to provide professional up-to-date support.”

What would you like to set the record straight on?

“First and foremost, small business accounting isn’t about numbers. It’s an emotional journey for those seeking a better life for themselves, their families and their customers and employees. This should play a part in accounting systems for small business owners.”

Small Business People, who are users of the Start Now Package, swoop in when the going gets tough for small business owners. Consider them to bolster your business operations and protect you from the bad guys.

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