Small Business Week 2019 celebrates Canada, a nation of entrepreneurs

The 40th edition of BDC Small Business Week, being held coast to coast from October 20 to 26, will bring together entrepreneurs at hundreds of events across the country to learn and network with their peers.

As part of this, Now Creative Group has partnered with Soho Innovation Lab to host Founder Stories in Toronto on October 23, an official Small Business Week event.

“Small Business Week has become an anticipated annual recognition of the backbone of the Canadian economy: Small businesses! When small businesses succeed, our economy grows, and middle-class jobs are created, which is why our government is working hard to reduce red tape and make it easier for businesses to start-up, scale-up and access new markets,”
— Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion

What is BDC Small Business Week?

For 40 years, BDC has organized Small Business Week in recognition of the contributions and achievements of Canada’s entrepreneurs. BDC Small Business Week is a BDC trademark whose origins date back to 1979 when BDC business centres in BC pooled their resources to organize a week of activities for entrepreneurs. This first event and the one that followed in 1980 were so successful that they officially launched BDC SBW across Canada in 1981. The initiative was adopted by Canada’s business community.

In 2018, close to 300 activities across Canada attracted over 15,000 business people to BDC Small Business Week. This flagship event celebrates entrepreneurship at the local, provincial and national levels.

As part of SBW 2019, BDC’s President & CEO, Michael Denham and Chief Economist, Pierre Cléroux will meet with entrepreneurs in cities across the country to present the findings of a new report looking at how the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape has changed in the past twenty years. They will also make public a survey that looks at the people behind the businesses, to find out who Canada’s entrepreneurs are, what challenges they face and what specific skills have allowed them to succeed.

“Canada is one of the most entrepreneurial nations in the world; our history is full of great men and women who built globally competitive businesses. This year, we want to showcase their hard work and successes and explore the key entrepreneurial skills that have underpinned their growth.”
— Michael Denham

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