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There’s a story behind every plate, meal, and restaurant concept.

A story of family traditions. A story of inspiration from a deep wanderlust. A story of love. Whatever the inspiration is behind your concept, we will help you articulate it to a world that eats with their eyes first.

Now Creative Group is pleased to present The Food Agency. Visit the new online home of our food-related projects:


Let Now help you find the best voice to communicate the passion behind your food.

We help you focus on the quality of your concept, while we take care of getting it to the masses. We appreciate the time it takes to perfect your signature tomato sauce, or the revolutionary way you extract the most flavor from a vanilla bean pod. We admire the way you look at fresh produce and can build an entire menu around the market’s specials.

Our process is similar. We see potential in your product and work to build a brand that retells your story in the most creative of ways. From the first time a customer sees your restaurant, to the POS touch points, when they’re handed a menu, to when they’re experiencing your food-we want to ensure your story is being told.

Let us help you tell your story. The story your food wants to tell.

Visit us at TheFood.Agency




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