Optimizing Your Website for SEO: What Every Small Business Should Know

If you want to grow your small to medium-size business, you need to rank well in online search results. As many as 90% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase, and 98% of web users choose a business that is on the first page of their search result. To most Internet users, if you aren’t there, you don’t exist.

Only 42% of small businesses had a website in 2012, and today many businesses are unable to build trust with online customers because their websites are incomplete, with limited information and unruly designs.

One of the goals of Expertise.com is help help small and medium-size businesses improve their digital footprint. A quality website helps your customers make better decisions for themselves and improves your business’ ranking in search engine results pages (also known as SERPs).

This guide is designed to help time and resource-constrained businesses make simple and impactful changes to their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Their recommendations cover the key ingredients needed to improve a site’s quality in the eyes of humans and web crawlers. Access the guide free, here.

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