Seeing their city from a different perspective: Sharing stories and building community

Grassroots media outlet 4CornersBrampton recaps year one

The online media space is a highly competitive field, with many small town publications being shut down or bought by large media conglomerates. However, 4 Corners has made it clear that a group of young professionals come together to create a valuable alternative to generic news — an community focused on sharing stories and building a better city.

Founder Simran Kamboj explained that a year ago, “No one was really paying attention to Brampton. And when they did, it was all negative. But we wanted to share the positives. We like to think we helped kick start a new wave of content centered around Brampton. Clearly others were inspired and started doing the same. We love that.”

When we launched, our goal was to engage the young citizens of Brampton. We wanted to discover what to do in the city, and where to go on a Friday night. We wanted to learn about talented Bramptonians. We wanted to know the best places to eat from our very own local businesses.

4CB Logo SquareNow Creative Group is proud to have helped launch 4 Corners Brampton and their recent rebrand, launched in celebration of their one-year anniversary, now live on Social Media and 4CornersBrampton.com.

Whether it’s finding the best vegetarian places in town, spending the summer watching movies at Garden square, or painting up a storm at art battle, 4 Corners showed there is much to do in Brampton, and their team has learned about the city from a different perspective. (And there is still so much more to discover).

Their currency is not money (there are no ads on the site), Simran explains, but instead it is how engaged and connected the people feel after reading their content.

The group has partnered with the City of Brampton (including the Mayor’s Office), Brampton Economic Development, Brampton Board of Trade and has welcomed collaboration with many more local businesseses and organizations.

4 Corners Brampton Team

“It’s about how many business in Brampton they now discovered. It’s about how many events and how many talented people they’ve learned about. It’s about them feeling inspired by all of the successful individuals from their own city. Our goal has always been to build a community. We’re doing this for you.”

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