Re-thinking a Region: A thoughtful re-brand for the Region of Peel

Now responds to to new logo concepts presented to The Region of Peel

Responding to the new logo concepts presented to The Region of Peel

As an engaged and expanding creative agency in the GTA, Now Creative Group is mindful of current events, local issues and are active members in the community. After a recent news story about a regional re-design, the team responded.

Ontario’s Region of Peel, which includes Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon, presented 3 logo design options to the Regional Councillors this December. The result:

“Peel shoots down regional logo change called ‘juvenile’ by councillor”

— News article published December 12, 2016 in The Mississauga News & The Brampton Guardian

The existing logo that The Region of Peel has used for the last 20+ years (evidence of its use in 1996 is found on the first official website available through web archives). The logo is typically used in solid black (as shown below), or in white on a blue background.


Part of the re-branding process has recommended changing the tagline from “Working for you” to “Working with You” which is a positive update.

A logo of this scale is no simple task, however it can definitely be done well with enough research, feedback and a professional team of designers and branding experts. The caliber of creativity and economic development in the region is strong. Other significant logos from within the region, that are successfully executed and very well-known, include:


Just 2 years ago, the City of Mississauga (the largest city in Peel Region) went through a major visual identity re-design, including the city’s logo. The new brand is explained in-depth at mississaugabrand.ca. As an example to display some of the meaning behind the new Mississauga logo, they explained that in 1974 the Townships of Streetsville, Port Credit and Mississauga amalgamated to form the modern City of Mississauga today:


The 5 shapes in the logo above also represent the pillars of Mississauga’s Strategic Plan. And the version highlighting the three shapes represents the brand ingredients that define Mississauga’s brand story. As the Region of Peel contains 3 municipalities, this is a great example of what could be implemented within their new logo, should that be a significant point of the logo.

So what happened to the Region of Peel’s new logo?

As the Metroland Media article explains, a number of Peel Region councillors were unimpressed by the options created for a new corporate logo and rejected the rebranding proposal that has so far cost about $95,000 to produce.

“Peel Region staff recently presented three proposed new Peel Region logos to council members.

Regional staff recommended Option B — a reworking of the region’s familiar single letter-P branding into a multi-coloured pinwheel beside the slogan: “Region of Peel, Working with You.” The different colours were supposed to represent Peel’s diversity of cultures and ideas. The pinwheel formation was intended to suggest the power of many components coming together to create a connected community, collaborative government departments and public engagement.

A few councillors were pleased with the recommended new look. But others had a strong aversion to the changes designed to refresh the P-logo and slogan currently being used to brand regional government and its services. Caledon Councillor Barb Shaughnessy described the recommended option as “juvenile” and failing to project strength.”

How these could be improved

Now Creative Group, a creative studio based in Toronto founded just over 3 years ago, is made up of team members from The Region of Peel. We decided to discuss this as a company because we were alerted by collaborators and clients, and given our connection to the region, Now Creative Group’s Creative Director Daniel Francavilla and Lead Designer Andrew Ly thought we could offer some thoughts.

In creating concepts of our own, we considered the region’s geography and diversity of the region as well as where Peel stands compared to other local municipalities and regions:


The concepts above, a selection from what Now Creative Group explored, are explained by Andrew Ly:

When approaching an identity, as a designer, the goal, at it’s simplest form, is to be representative and to simplify. The focus of our concepts was to represent the three cities that make up the municipality, the diversity that resides there, and growth as a community.

The first logo plays with the relationship between positive/negative space to delineate three sections to represent the three cities. Working in monochrome initially, we want to use shades, and eventually colours, to represent the diversity of the region. Lastly, the smooth upward motion created by the negative space signifies the positive growth as a community.

In the second logo, we wanted to incorporate the geographical boundaries between the cities. Although borders are traditionally seen as boundaries or bring up ideas of separation, in the case of a municipality, city borders can be seen as a link or a relationship. These three cities are connected through these city lines and as a whole make up the Region of Peel.

The third logo uses three shaded columns to show the cities of Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga as the three pillars and the backbone of Peel. The receding pillars gives the P a sense of depth and motion as though it is moving forward together.

Another overarching visual character is the use of colours. We chose an earthy palette of brown, green, and blue. Why these three? Well looking at the Peel Region, you’ll find three of the four elements in the rolling hills and open spaces, the buzzing international airport connecting folks to the clouds, and lastly the beautiful lakeshore.

Some sample applications of the new branding concepts.

region-of-peel-logo-concept-city-vehicle region-of-peel-logo-concept-pearson-airport region-of-peel-logo-concept-carassauga

Note that Now Creative Group was not hired to produce the original logo or the concepts above, as the article alludes to “staff” presenting the designs. As the project is still in process, we offer our support to create a stronger presence for this vibrant and fast-growing region. Feel free to reach out to Team Now via email: now@nowcreativegroup.com or call 416-639-6228.

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