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Reimagining Ricardas.com

“The motivation to build our concept was clear: to create vibrant spaces where good food, personalized service and great conversations become one. These three pillars of the Ricarda’s brand form the foundation of our success until today. With the launch of its flagship outlet in Toronto in 2016, Ricarda’s introduced a novel and pure form of hospitality to Canadians, otherwise only known to the fortunate few who have had the chance to experience travelling to the countryside of southern Europe and the Mediterranean coast. The warmth and energy you feel when you walk into any of our restaurants is invigorating, and to many of our guests even contagious. No matter when you ask us how we are, we are always ‘Excellent’! With every new talent that joins our dedicated team of genuine hospitality professionals, we come a bit closer to realising our potential as hosts – serving Love at First Sight.”

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