Pocket Film School offers pocket-size learning for creators

Film education, deconstructed.

Now Creative Group worked with the team at Pocket Film School to develop the logo and website for this exciting educational resource to support creators.

The mission of Pocket Film School is to take a complex topic like filmmaking and break it down into its basic parts. From there we make every single course easy to ingest by limiting episode lengths to 5 minutes or less.​

Team Now had the opportunity to work with award-winning professionals from production to post-production actively engaged in the film industry. These pros came together to share their critical insights and experiences on how to enter, engage and be an integral part of the machine of the film industry.

The website was designed to be user-friendly and easy to interact with. The intention was to make the process of learning as easy as possible for storytellers of all levels.

Eighteen courses have been curated in easily ingestible lengths taking students from the moment you think of a film to the day you see it on the screen. All episodes are offered in five minutes or less.

Collaboration Oriented Education

Now knows that collaboration is key, especially in the creative space. The lessons all focus on working with teams and collaborating. It takes more than one to succeed in the film industry.

“Artistic collaboration is the life-blood of the film industry and we realized that there were not any courses centred around how you can assemble the best team for your filmmaking career.”

Filmmaking from Start to Finish

Pocket Film School’s flagship course was designed to teach you everything there is to know about making a film from start to finish. Writing, cinematography, editing and everything in between. The course encompasses everything that is filmmaking for storytellers of any experience level.

The team also wanted to make a premium resource that was also accessible. Pocket Film School is 96% less expensive than the first year of many of the university-based Canadian film programs.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. Join the next generation of industry-leading creators, storytellers and filmmakers.

The full 101 online course is now available here.

For one free course, send our friends @pocket.film.school a message on Instagram.

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