Social and Content Marketing in a Pandemic

When the April 1, 2020 Haste and Hustle conference with Richard Branson was postponed, we worked with the team to launch a solution to keep conference ticketholders and the broader Haste and Hustle network engaged while providing value. Shauna decided to create an online community with helpful content, and the Hustle from Home Accelerator Series was born.

Brand Building Tips to Drive Growth: Social and Content Marketing in a Pandemic

Webinar | May 5 @ 2 pm

While some things are in limbo and the media is constant coronavirus coverage, businesses and consumers alike are hungry for relevant content — and you still have a brand to maintain and a business to grow.

At Now Creative Group, we take a brand-first approach to marketing. At a time when authenticity is more important than ever, your brand values will show through.

During this webinar, Now Creative Group founder and creative director Daniel Francavilla will clear up any hesitation about if and what to post online during this complex and rapidly changing time.

How will you address and respond to changing customer needs? Discuss what you can start doing right now when it comes to social media and content marketing, plus highlight examples of what’s working right now.

There will be an opportunity for select attendees to have their current content reviewed live, with feedback during this May 5 webinar.

To participate in this webinar and the rest of the Hustle from Home accelerator series, you need to join the Haste and Hustle online community.

Once you have created your account, you can register here for this webinar.

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