"Do you do social media?"

What does hiring someone for “social media” actually entail?

When it comes to social media, individuals and organizations often start off handling it internally, or even adding it to an employee’s job description. Some have the impression that social media is easy, or simple — or they can handle it themselves because they understand the platform from using it personally.

There is much more to social media than meets the eye for a brand, business, organization, and even public personal brand.

Regardless of the different uses of social media – whether it be for business, for e-commerce or fundraising, in different niches – there are three aspects that make up the act of “handing social media” when we offer it as an agency.

1. Online Strategy

The ideal starting point is the strategy. This is where our team works with you to determine the overall direction, style, content, audience, frequency, and platforms to prioritize. Before anything is posted, we need to determine who we will be interacting with, how frequently to post and what time of day is ideal for this audience, which platforms to be present and post on, and more. We also take into account other online aspects of your brand (whether it be your blog, online store, or even your sub-brands or partners’ online presence). Growth aspects such as sponsored (paid) posts, online ads, and influencer campaigns may have to be considered.

2. Content Creation

The second component of social media services is content creation. Clients can provide this but most of the time they don’t have the volume of content, or the right format. Content creation includes tasks like writing blog posts, writing captions, sourcing relevant hashtags, designing custom graphics, and even media production (custom video and photography).

3. Social Media Management

The third component is posting. Social media management is scheduling posts on different platforms, and/or using a social media scheduler. This can also include monitoring, engagement and analytics. We can engage with your following, and also engage with other users in your industry, even using social media to support your marketing and sales efforts.


Although the above list is often underestimated and grouped as one service, Now Creative Group has identified strategy, content creation and social media management as the three key components that make up “social media” services.

Our team has experience handling one, two, or all three of these components tailored to the client and context.

For example, if your organization or business has an established social strategy, our role can then be to create content, post, monitor and manage your social media accounts. Some of our smaller clients choose to manage their social media personally, and some companies have a Community Manager or Social Media Manager who would take care of posting, but would still require a strong strategy and content to complete their approach, which is where Now steps in.

Time to hire someone to help with your online presence?

Now Creative Group can be your social media team. If you are looking for support with your brand’s social media — whether it be strategy and direction, management, or content creation — please let us know by emailing us at now@nowcreativegroup.com! Among other platforms, we’re also active on Twitter and Instagram, so feel free to reach out there too!

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