Gearing up the future: Driving Engineering Careers in Smart Mobility

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

Steering students and recent graduates closer towards an engineering career in the smart mobility industry

Engineering and technology students and recent graduates now have a resource, produced by our friends at the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers.

Now Creative Group took this as an opportunity to discover the technology trends that are reshaping Canada’s auto and transit industries, the skills required to be successful in the Smart Mobility Industry and effective job search techniques to propel careers.

The automotive and transit sectors are full of innovation and are entering a new industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – fuelled by significant advancements in technology and artificial intelligence, the desire to make all things connect and communicate, the pressure to reduce greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide emissions, cost reductions and fuel savings in making vehicles lighter, and the convenience and the resulting impact of the sharing economy.

As a result, the Smart Mobility Industry has greatly impacted manufacturing processes, materials engineering, vehicle connectivity, mobility sector advancements, autonomous vehicles, propulsion systems, smart mobility sector, mobility services, and the transit sector.

Now Creative Group played a part in promoting this campaign to help students and recent graduates find the valuable resources available on the PropelUOSPE.ca website. Now’s marketing strategies were to reach out to engineering students and recent graduates via social media and informing them about this website that can make a positive impact in their engineering career. In addition, Now reached out to engineering professors across Ontario and LinkedIn groups affiliated in the industry to discuss these resources.

Regardless of your degree, finding a job can be difficult. While it is easy to become discouraged, engineers may find encouragement in the shared experiences of their community through the support of OSPE.

Visit propelusospe.ca to learn more and access the interactive resources.

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