The Best Times to Schedule Social Media Posts

The Optimal Scheduling Tool

Along with timely replies and live updates, Team Now often recommends having base content that you schedule in advance, to keep a consistent online presence while you are running your business or organization.

There are many tools, sites and apps you can use to schedule tweets, for example, but deciding on the best times to post is not easy. We can help you make some simple tweaks to move your social media marketing forward!

Have you ever wondered what the perfect time to schedule your updates is?

The Buffer Optimal Scheduling tool can help you find out.

What it does: Just choose the profile you’d like to optimize, and submit!

optimal timing 1

Buffer looks at the past 5,000 interactions (e.g. likes, favorites, clicks, etc.) you’ve had on your profile as well as similar profiles in the same timezone. Buffer then plots these according to your timezone in a 24-hour period, to see when most interactions have happened.

optimal timing 2

Then you can choose to replace your existing schedule in one click, or use these times to make manual changes to your Buffer schedule.

Why you could use this

We’re constantly learning more about the methods and research to find the best times to post, but your own, individual data is likely to give your content its best chance for success.

Where to find this feature in Buffer

Anyone can find their optimal posting times using this tool, whether or not you have a Buffer account. Find this Buffer feature right here.

You can find out the best times to post for your account here.

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