The process of creating a video is simple with Now Creative Group. Our team covers everything from strategy and planning to post-production and promotion. We focus on the proven types of videos that work with any business, non-profit or campaign. Listed below are 6 types of videos that we offer “out of the box”, however we also create completely custom solutions.

The playlist below contains several videos from our portfolio:

Company & Product Profiles

Promote, demonstrate or inform in a personal way

  • Seen as more personal and genuine when compared to traditional ads, a video profile introduces personality and a face to you, your company, and your products. Inform, educate, and influence decisions with engaging videos.
  • A company profile is the most versatile type of video we offer.

Customer Testimonials

Let your customers sell for you

  • Use existing customers to communicate real customer experiences. Video testimonials are perceived as genuine, believable, and more authentic than text alone.
  • Testimonials establish credibility and increase conversion.

Scripted Ads

Deliver a compelling story that grabs attention

  • A professionally written script and recorded voiceover reinforces your message and delivers a compelling story that grabs attention and persuades audiences.
  • Video ads persuade and promote.

Video News Releases

  • Deliver short, professionally scripted and produced video segments with your company news and announcements.
  • Video News Releases are strong public relations tools that spark media attention.

Feature Stories

  • In-depth, professionally scripted and produced video news segment focused on a company, product, or service.
  • Feature Stories generate online buzz and spark media interest.
  • 65-70% of all content shared in social media channels is news! (Nielsen Media Research Survey)

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