Breathe easy with masks that give back: Introducing Maskwell

Protective masks. Positive impact.

Protective masks, positive impact

Now Creative Group is excited to announce the launch of Maskwell, in collaboration with our friends at PureFilters.

Maskwell builds re-usable masks that feature high-efficiency replaceable filters to help keep you healthy during uncertain times. Because Maskwell believes that we all have a role to play in addressing the global pandemic, every purchase includes a donation to provide personal protection equipment to frontline workers in need.

Prioritizing protection and quality for all

Coronavirus is a global pandemic, and we’re in this together. There is a major shortage of both personal protective masks and medical-grade masks globally.

Maskwell launched to address both of these issues by providing locally designed, high-quality protection and utilizing proceeds to provide protective gear for those who need it most.

Pricing for Maskwell masks is meant to be accessible to the masses, while still providing a great product that comes with quality air filters.

“Beyond aesthetics and convenience, we’re about quality and most importantly, safety.”

Building the brand

The team at Now Creative Group designed the Maskwell visual identity and voice to represent the brand’s values of being informative, community-minded, design-focused with simplicity, transparency and quality at the forefront. Now developed a simple visual icon and typography-based approach, rather than technical product-focused content and photography.

Supporting our community with every sale

Social impact is built into the fabric of Now Creative Group. This pandemic is affecting people from all walks of life, and we know that those on the frontlines are at risk. The team felt it was critical to incorporate in a giving component from day one.

With this in mind, 10% of all Maskwell sales are being donated to The Home Front, a volunteer organization spearheaded by The Upside Foundation serving as a central hub to help frontline healthcare workers get the support they need during COVID-19.

The Home Front team is facilitating contributions from Maskwell to purchase PPE, supplies, and support charities that are responding on the front lines. They are working with charities with the highest needs, in service of the mission to combat the personal protective equipment shortage and arm the front lines with the resources they need.

Does the world need another mask company? What’s different about Maskwell?

Never before has there been this much of a demand for personal protective equipment — not only in the medical industry, but from the general public. There are many companies on the market who are unable to provide masks quickly enough. Quality control is naturally a concern. However, there is another need Maskwell fills. We wanted to bring another one to the Canadian market.

Unlike the majority of masks on the market, Maskwell uses MERV-13 quality filters. (MERV-13 filtration is capable of capturing particles between 0.3 micros and 1.0 with 98% efficiency).

PureFilters, a successful startup based out of the same office space as Now, has experience selling over 900 different sizes and models of Canadian-made filters — and they know how essential air quality is to wellbeing. We’re proud to be working with the PureFilters team on Maskwell.

Each mask welcome kit includes one mask, 4 insertable filters, and instructions on how to use them. Maskwell offers a convenient subscription option that provides you with a set of insertable filters monthly, to ensure you are always protected.

A collaborative effort

“We noticed that there was a clear lack of effective masks on the market, and challenges with customer experience and availability. We partnered with our friends at PureFilters and it has been a very collaborative process. Being familiar with the startup process, we were able to be quite nimble and act quickly. Our team was very conscious to ensure it’s well designed, authentic and customer-focused. Our decisions were made based on community need,” said April Hossain, Managing Director of Now Creative Group.

“We’re part of an incredible startup and innovation community in Toronto, and we were impressed by what many are doing to make an impact. It was an easy decision to partner with The Upside Foundation and support The Home Front.”

Masks are available now.

Use the discount code 10OFF at the check-out screen to receive 10% off your order plus free shipping for pre-orders. Visit GetMaskwell.com and the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

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