5 Marketing Trends on the Rise for 2021

As the unexpected and challenging year of 2020 comes to a close, companies and organizations of all sizes are looking at the year ahead. Leaders know that change will continue to occur when it comes to what is effective in marketing their brands in 2021.

Now has outlined a list of 5 trends in marketing and advertising for the coming year when it comes to business and brand growth.

Personalized Content for Customers

Using software to personalize the content or items that your customer is looking for saves the customer time. It can also help them to look for more items related to what they were searching for, which can potentially increase sales.

Focusing on the Customer’s Experience

How quickly is the customer able to find what they are looking for? Is the site and/or store easy to navigate? Is the customer being heard? When you focus on the customer’s experience, you can ultimately increase customer retention and bring in positive reviews to attract even more consumers.

Sustainable and Local Brand Initiatives

With everything going on in the world, customers feel better about a company that shows their care in how their company is concerned with their environmental effects. A company that takes steps to ensure eco-friendly consciousness helps the customer feel like they are making a better purchasing decision overall. It also gives the company a reputable standing in local communities.

Micro-Influencer Partnering

When a company creates a partnership with a micro-influencer, they are potentially gaining a wider audience. The followers of the influencer are more likely to purchase a product from a company that the content creator recommends. This is because the followers relate with the influencer and trust their recommendations.

Nostalgic and Adaptable Brand Marketing

Creating a brand logo that is both nostalgic and adaptable helps retain loyal customers and bring in new ones. When someone wants a particular product and automatically thinks of your company’s logo, they may go to your company first for the product.

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