Marketing is Storytelling: Tips for Startups

When it comes to marketing your startup, the challenge is to be strong at storytelling. There are great developers, product visionaries and entrepreneurs, but may have not taken the time, learned the skills, or had the insight to create compelling stories. This is where we come in.

“Marketing is Storytelling. The Story of your product, built into your product. The ad might be part of it; the copy might be part of it. But mostly, your product and your service and your people all are part of the story. Tell it on purpose.” – Seth Godin

Storytelling Tips from Startup Founders

  1. Uncover/Reveal your stories.
  2. Create brand happiness with storytelling.
  3. Build brand fans with storytelling.
  4. Be honest.
  5. Get your company values across.
  6. Attract kids and teenager’s with stories.
  7. Tell a unique message with stories.
  8. Make customers to feel themselves as a Hero.
  9. Push people wanting more.
  10. Keep the customers interest in mind.

Here are 3 questions to ask, in the words of Seth Godin:

  1. “What’s your story?”
  2. “Will the people who need to hear this story believe it?”
  3. “Is it True”

“Got it figured? Now, go tell a story. If it doesn’t resonate, tell a different one. When you find a story that works, live that story, make it true, authentic and subject to scrutiny. All marketers are storytellers, only the losers are liars.”

Adapted from “10 Tips to Learn from Great Startups“.

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