Marketing in a Changing World: Strategies and Advice from Marketers

Marketing strategies have had to adapt fast or fail in the latter half of 2020.  COVID-19 lockdowns have been lifted and reinstated as health concerns ebb and flow. 

Whether your business is looking to grow or rebuild during this time, the team at Now Creative Group can help you refine your marketing strategy to reflect an understanding of the current shift in consumer behaviour.

Re-evaluate your business model and messaging

During the pandemic, businesses have had to rethink proposed ad campaigns. Many businesses scrapped existing marketing campaigns in favour of new ones that reflected current realities. The travel industry has focused on far future trip planning rather than current trips. Restaurants went virtual overnight. Businesses were forced to be flexible and adapt to extraordinary circumstances in a short period of time.

Your business may choose a new avenue to be heard. As Richard Wong shared on Now Common Convos live, when doing influencer marketing “don’t just partner up with the people with the biggest following”. Evaluate your customer base. Think of which social media platform will have the widest reach.

When the pandemic first began, business owners looked at their business from a new perspective. Many marketing campaigns highlighted existing business strengths. This shift in thinking brought the concerns of marginal consumer groups to the forefront.

For example, the Four Seasons hotels turned their attention to cleanliness. “Stay With A Peace of Mind” is their new marketing strategy that aims to capitalize on the public’s new aversion to germs. Highlighting that rooms are cleaned by professionals with the safety of guests in mind takes advantage of new consumer behaviour patterns. In the past, these behaviours were the main priority to a smaller customer base of individuals that needed to take special care due to health concerns. Now that these concerns have gone mainstream, basing an ad campaign on them makes sense.

Serve new needs, sensitively and tastefully

Canadian entrepreneur Erin Bury mentioned the dilemma her company Willful came across in 2020. Willful is an online estate planning company, and she shared her recent experience live on Now Common Convos.

During the pandemic, there was a boom in traffic to their site. They wanted to be available when people were actively searching for their services, but didn’t want to remind customers of doom and gloom.

“You had to throw your marketing out the window; your entire communications plan out the window. Companies that did that fared very well, those who didn’t have just continued to struggle.”
— Erin, commenting on the beginning of the pandemic

Erin knew that there was this “very unique window of opportunity” to promote the services her business offered. They changed their marketing strategy to focus on the core values of their company. By focusing on how estate planning isn’t just for the individual, but for the family members they care so much about, Willful was able to sensitively offer their services to interested clients. They took advantage of the increased media coverage and worked with a PR agency to increase brand recognition and outreach.

During a time when it’s sink or swim for many businesses, don’t be afraid to try something new or own your company’s strengths.

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