Considerations for Your 2021 Marketing and Content

In a rapidly evolving world, what are some things to consider when it comes to marketing and content for your brand? The team at Now recommends looking into these 4 tactics and trends for the coming year.

Branding that Speaks to the Times

No one appreciates a tone-deaf ad, and now more than ever, it’s important to be sensitive to the shifting needs and collective feeling amongst consumers. Reflect critically upon your business or organization’s role in people’s lives. Think about how you can reach them, during this time when most people’s everyday existence has changed significantly, and social and political criticism is experiencing unprecedented visibility. Another thing to keep in mind, given the changes we have seen in 2020, is ensuring that your business or organization’s website is completely up-to-date with any changes in hours, availability of services, and more. 

Social Media Compatibility

Branding that doesn’t cater to the short attention span of a social media swiper will bite the dust in 2021, if it’s even managed to hang on this long. One thing to consider is the way your logo and other visual marketing translates to the smaller format of a phone screen. Simple shapes and high colour contrast, as well as limited text, are generally effective; think about the tiny bubble of an Instagram profile picture, and keep in mind the tiny amount of space you have to capture someone’s attention on a social media app. 

Asymmetrical Logos

Logo design is the area of marketing perhaps most susceptible to the push and pull of the trend tide. Especially in the age of Instagram, where your company’s visual brand may be the only way that most people interface with it, having a relevant logo design is critical. Asymmetrical logos have been popping up like spring flowers these past few months, and a little asymmetrical twist is a great way to freshen up your brand’s aesthetic this New Year.


Going hand in hand with the above point, consumers in our current moment appreciate an organization that is open and candid about its inner workings. Scrutiny of business ethics is at an all-time high, as is a general feeling of instability, and the average person in 2021 will no longer be impressed by slick branding and flashy marketing with a corporate feel. Marketing that comes across as sincere, and is transparent about the mission and practices of your company, will be far more effective. 

The team at Now Creative Group is made up of diversely talented professionals with the industry experience, creativity, and innovative thinking to help your brand develop a voice of its own that connects with customers.

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