What Do You Do Differently? Making Your Business Unique

By the Canada Business Network

“I can get this elsewhere, why buy from you?”

What would you answer if you were asked this question? It is important to know and describe what sets you apart from your competitors. Matching or lowering your price may not be an option or be beneficial for your small business.

But knowing your unique selling proposition or having an elevator pitch is critical to setting your business apart from others who may be selling the same product or service.

To determine how your business is unique, you may want to:

  • Ask your current clients why they buy from you and what you could improve.
  • Determine what your clients need or want. What is the benefit to them if they buy from you?
  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – why would you buy this product or service here and not from a competitor?

Make a list of what your competitors offer; see what the differences are and what makes your business stand out. Find what is unique to your business. Do you add any value to the product or service?

Describe what you do differently

  • Do you have knowledgeable staff available at all times?
  • Do you provide one-on-one personal customer service, in-store events, discounts or rewards?
  • Do you offer warranties or hassle free returns or better product quality?
  • Does your website present user-friendly transaction options with clear and detailed instructions and information about your product?
  • Do you offer free or fast delivery?
  • Do you propose a solution to a problem that customers may be experiencing?
  • Does your business support a local charity?

For example, all dog grooming businesses offer grooming, but why would customers (and their pets) keep coming back to yours? Maybe you use green or organic products, or you offer to do grooming at customers’ homes. Maybe your hours are convenient, or you offer additional services such as teeth cleaning. You can’t always sell to everyone, so you may want to find a specific audience to target. This could be your unique selling proposition.

The next time customers ask why they should buy from you, you will be prepared with a specific answer on how your product or service will be of benefit or value to them.

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