Re-branding wellness company Kra Co. with a holistic approach

Throughout 2013, Now Creative Group worked with two sisters to transform their small-business into a fresh, holistic wellness company, providing services from Branding and Visual Identity Design to Print Materials and Social Media Management. Initially launched as Abibirem Beauty, the company was re-branded by Now Creative Group to Kra Co. as part of an overall refresh and renewal. (Brief timeline of their history here).

Kra Co. is a fresh take on beauty, body and building. The new name, Kra, means soul in Twi (a language of Ghana). It symbolizes the company’s dedication to feeding the soul through taking care of our bodies and our communities.

Founded by Lucy and Pina Santoro, the sisters describe Kra as a company that offers an opportunity to feed the soul, as it “embodies all the components that help make us whole.” The team is committed to providing you with the whole package; products that beautify, build and improve your body and soul. Kra Co. strives to bring moments of peace within a lifestyle that is constantly on the go.

Kra Co. now operates as a holistic wellness company, with the three sub-brands Now Creative Group worked to developed to embody the components above. The graphic below outlines the company’s structure:

Kra Co. Brand

These components include: Beauty – natural, organic beauty, the fruits of Mother Earth, the roots of what is good; Body – healing within, a connection to spirituality, a transcendence of self, foods to heal and nourish the physical form; and Building – connecting communities from across the world, fundraising with conviction for a cause, having an impact, imparting love and compassion.

To help them pitch their new business’ offerings, Now Creative Group designed a package with a set of inserts that describe the various products and services. This was crated to be flexible, single-sided sheets that can be removed and added depending on the use of the packages:

From writing a manifesto, to designing and developing a custom website, to creating labels for lip balm and shea butter, it was a team effort from Now Creative Group.

Kra Co. Shea Butter

Co-Founder Pina Santoro believes that Kra can help make a difference in communities both locally and globally, as she shares that she believes in the power of people and that “in helping others we will all reach our greatest potential. It’s in the sharing of our wealth, resources, and knowledge, that we empower one another.”

Co-Founder Lucy Santoro would “love for our communities to come together and find compassion in our experiences; find the love that is within us all.” 

Pina shares her hopes for their holistic wellness company, refined into one thought:

“I hope when they purchase shea butter – or a lip balm or a lip tint, or a healing stone, or reiki services and more – that they feel they have positively contributed to their own life, and in turn to others. It is the pay-it-forward and ripple affect of doing good things in life.”

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