Karine’s gets a refresh

Karine’s, a Vegan, Gluten-Free and All-Day Breakfast spot in Toronto, has worked with Now Creative Group since their first year in business in 2004. After years of success and enhancements, it was time that owner Maggie decided to evolve the branding into something fresh.

The family-run business provided specific guidelines given to Now’s creative team to remain true to their existing brand style guides, but they were ready and open to new ideas.

After many years, the vegan, vegetarian, all-day breakfast shop agreed to making a minor but effective change to their name: “Karine’s Vegan, Vegetarian, All-Day Breakfast” became “Karine’s Fresh”.

Developing Karine’s Fresh

Brainstorming sessions began with multiple renditions with various typefaces, colours and brandmarks. Maggie approved of a particular style and the process from paper to digital commenced.

Another few versions of the logo with a variety of palettes were presented to Maggie again to ensure they were updated throughout the entire creative process.

Once the logo was finalized, production began on digital and print materials.


We were pleased to see the new logo was quickly adopted by their customers, like this hand-drawn note and stamp:

Following the brand style guides, which was redefined with the newly developed logo, sparked the inspiration for the new business card design. Simple. Clean. Fresh.

Karine's on TwitterThe Karine’s team are very active on social media, and so profile graphics were designed and implemented as the first public presence of the new visual identity design.

The website was designed to showcase the delicious delights that the company has to offer. The parallax theme allowed their appetizing visuals to stand out. Everything is easily accessible from their menu to their contact page.

An additional page was created to feature the new sub-brand, Treat by Karine’s.

Launching Treat by Karine’s

Treat by Karine’s also required a new logo to distinguish itself yet keep visual consistency. More brainstorming with the creative team and business owners was conducted, along with constant renditions during the process to guarantee satisfaction with the final version.

With the Treat by Karine’s logo complete, stickers were made to be place on packaging at Karine’s while they share the same location at 109 McCaul Street.

Staying Fresh: An Ever-Evolving Brand

To showcase their beautiful meals and treats, and their charming, eccentric staff, a welcome video is being prepared as the next step for Karine’s Fresh rebranding.

The makeover process for the friendly, fresh, fun brand — from logo design to complete website redesign — has been well received.

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