On a Mission to End Violence and Abuse

I'm Rising: Uniting Women and Men Against Abuse

Now empowering social impact: An invitation to rise up and support the #IMRISING crowdfunding campaign

On a Mission

Rajesh Bajaj and his parter Maureen Pearson have been working for over two years to bring I’m Rising to life. To produce this Feature Film based on real stories, and distribute an Emotional Survival Toolkit, the team has launched a Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo.

Now Creative Group has worked over the last few months to create a visual identity, graphics and social media content to help make this project a reality, and to jump-start the I’m Rising movement.

“This is not just a film about sharing the stories of four incredibly brave women who have suffered various forms of abuse – it includes personal accounts of their journeys and captures how we worked with them to confront their personal demons on the road to recovery.”

The Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women was passed in 1993 at the UN General Assembly, but more than 20 years later 1 in 3 women around the world still experience physical or sexual violence. There are many organizations and people out there that offer services to help abuse victims, but many times women have kept silent. This is because often their abuse has been a result of a close relationship or because speaking out would result in them losing their livelihood.

I'm Rising - All Facts

Rajesh sites an experience in his own family, where his niece had been a victim of abuse. He only learned of this many years later, after discussing an unrelated project about spousal abuse with her, and explains:

“The impact of her experience on our family and my own awareness was something that is difficult to even speak about today – but opening up and sharing stories is paramount to not only increasing awareness but to connect with those who can help victims of abuse recover.”

I'm Rising Graphic

The I’m Rising team has been working with many women around the world who have been or are victims of sexual, mental and physical abuse to develop a solution kit that contains tools, worksheets and guidance on how to recover from their traumatic experiences and live productive lives. They plan to offer the Emotional Survival Kit as a companion to the I’m Rising Feature Film that will help educate and raise awareness of viewers about abuse against women.

“It has been a long hard path, but this mission of creating awareness and fighting abuse against women is so important to us, that it makes the entire experience thus far worth it.” — Rajesh

Join us in helping to make #IMRISING a movement that will help heal and change the lives of abused women around the world.


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