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Now Creative Group is all about helping individuals get started. But when you are launching a business or project for the very first time, you may hesitate and wonder exactly where, when and how to start.

Massive entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck has compiled an epic video about starting. We’ve transcribed clips of it here, and the full video is below:

“So many of you are crippled by the thought of starting and I hope that this alleviates any concerns you have. This is the framework and I hope you guys pay attention”


The following are all words spoken by Gary Vaynerchuck during various videos.

There’s no excuse for not talking to the world. It just doesn’t have to be your thoughts and words every time. My friends, the key to content success is you’ve got to start documenting instead of creating. Let me tell you how.

Just start.

So many of you are stuck and can’t start, and I broke it down into the what, how, and where, right? Like what are you gonna talk about? But the way all of you need to do this – and how you actually start is by doing.

You haven’t done anything yet. You know, this whole, “Fake it ’til you make it” brings no value to anybody. You need to make something, and that thing is a manifesto. It’s always been obvious to me, it’s always been obvious what causes success, what I needed to do, you know. Every time I watch content on the internet or on television, I watched Oprah the other night, Lizzie was watching, I was working. She was interviewing George Lucas and he was saying the same shit. We took it to all the studios, every single one of ’em, and nobody wanted it. So what did you do? So I said, “Well, I’m not gonna give up now.”

You’re stuck.
You haven’t started ’cause you’re stuck.

I think the fear of losing trumps the excitement of victory for so many people. So here you go, what? What are you gonna talk about, what do you wanna be known for?

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself,
“What do I want to do every day for the rest of my life?”
Do that.
And see, what people need to understand is,
the way we communicate today is so different
and the platforms have been redefined.
You wanna be in health and fitness,
you wanna be in strategy, you wanna be in social media,
you wanna be in sneakers, you wanna be in coffee,
you wanna be in electronics, you wanna be in fashion?
You collect Smurfs? Smurf it up.
You can make $70,000 a year talking about the Smurfs.
Whether that’s your mission or where you’re at right now,
your truth, manifesto.

Tell me what you’re thinking about it, like, if somebody made a video eight years ago that I think fashion should be high-low,
I think people should wear expensive stuff and inexpensive stuff in one wardrobe, they would’ve been like, the queen or king of the vision of the fashion industry just by making a video.
– Predicting that Facebook acquires Instagram.
– I was like, “Facebook’s gonna buy Instagram.”
Four months later, it happens.
So I was on Piers Morgan. This company’s days old.
How the hell is it worth a billion dollars?
And my opening line is: They stole it.
And then, I guess last year this time, right, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $ billion and every article like the next day after the news came out is like, “Oh, wait a minute, they fuckin’ stole Instagram.”

The how is, there’s only certain few ways to communicate in the world.
Whether this is video form:
Something extreme, like just get on a train and go away for a week or something different.
You have to break pattern.
Whether this is audio form:
Sitting here listening to my music list and I’m starting to find a little clarity. Audio being a podcast.
– You’re an outspoken advocate
for both hustle and self-awareness.
– [Gary] Yes.
– But if you had to put them in order,
even if it’s a A and B.
– [Gary] Self-awareness.
– Self-awareness is more important than hustle?
– [Gary] It’s not even close. – Really?
– Yes, when you know who you are, hustle’s sexier.
Like, it would’ve been cooler for like, the people listening for me to say hustle ’cause it’s cooler.
Right, heck, you don’t even need to do a podcast. Put the recorder on your phone and just speak your truth.
Get in front of a camera, selfie-style.
You know, I’m old now, kids, so at 40, I’ve observed a lot, and I could tell you that optimism and positivity is a huge variable.
Set it up on a tripod or have a DRock, if it’s your nephew, your sister, Nathan the intern is here.
Or you write it, but the way all of you need to do this and how you actually start is by doing.
I create an obnoxious amount of content because of the strategy of how we do it.
Don’t do anything, just keep watching.
Keep watching my stuff.
Keep being entertained by my energy.
Keep being inspired, don’t do.
Don’t fuckin’ have dinner at and drink two beers.
Like, when your strategy is right, you win, and so we have figured out that pillar content creates content underneath it at scale.

It’s macro patience.
Macro patience.
Deploy patience.
You’ve gotta deploy patience.
You’ve gotta love the process.
What’s the ROI of social media?
So I look at her and go, “What’s the ROI of your mother?”
There are so many people in here that shouldn’t be producing video
because that is not the best way they communicate.
Only a decade ago, if I was speaking here, all I would be talking about is blogging, yet, there are people in this room
that are caught up by picture and video communication and they are tremendous writers and they don’t realize that blogging or posting on Medium or even my favourite little hack right now, if you’re a good writer and you wanna build up a profile for your business or for yourself, I actually highly recommend you start blogging inside of Facebook and Instagram.
I literally mean writing seven sentences, three, four, five paragraphs of written content within your feeds that people will absolutely consume.
So that’s number one and two, the what and how, right, like how are you gonna do it, and then where, distribution.
That’s what you need to figure out next and it’s the hardest part for a lot of you.
The hardest part is to start, and a lot of things are hard.
Hard to start, hard to know what format to do it in, audio, written, video, and then number three, how do you get people to see it?
It all goes down in the DM.
The key is providing other people more value.
I just don’t see people doing it.
It blows me away, and it is absolutely,
I want the full, and it as absolutely going down on Instagram DM.
Influencers or you pay for it.
Either you pay in Facebook ads, Instagram ads, sponsorship deals.
YouTube pre-rolls against people of those interests,
fashion, you know, food, wine, sneakers, technology,
or, or you reach out to people that have audiences.
Search hashtags, click them, look at the account,
then see how you can bring them value.
DM them, go in soft, bring value.
Rinse and repeat, two, three, four times, so the thing you Manny should do is go Upper East Side.
Looking good, this guy, look like a good picture.
Hey G.
Instagram influencers right now today for doers is probably only behind Facebook ads, the single best arbitrage in marketing.
And then you try and then you learn. When you’re a pioneer, you have to taste it.
There’s no report. There’s no white paper.
There’s no modeling mixed metrics that are gonna teach you how that’s gonna work.
When you’re the first explorer, you have to taste the berries, and hopefully they’re not poisonous.

We’re living through this incredible era of massive opportunity, yet everybody’s talking and reading,
and nobody’s fucking doing.
Start fucking executing.
So, what does that mean?
That means you should write a Medium blog post every week.
Content, podcast, video, written, quotes, pictures, and then tactics.
What scares me quite a bit is that most of you, when you see these logos, you think of a piece of content that you make and you think of those five channels and more as places where you distribute it.
Twitter and Facebook are tools. Twitter and Facebook are markers and crayons. They’re a fax machine. These are not just distribution channels. These are channels where you have to natively story tell. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are ABC, NBC, and CBS, and what I’ve figured out for the last decade is how to make MASH and the Andy Griffith Show and ER and Seinfeld.
It is imperative that not only do you start thinking about your content strategy on these platforms for your business.
Facebook targeting. Like, you can literally put your business address, run a radius around it, or everybody in the zip code
or the , Asbury Jersey in the house, zip code, and everybody will see it in that zip code in that feed. It’s a piece of cake.
So if you talk about coffee, Google the word coffee and the word blog or coffee and media company
and literally email every editor and writer of every coffee blog on the internet.
The way you’re gonna make money online, and by the way, anywhere, is by grabbing it.
So if I were you, I would do this:
I would go to Google, I would type in beer.
So I would click this one, PubGlasses.com.
I’d go to this site, I’d see what they have.
I would find the phone number of this place.
Here’s a phone number. I pick it up.
Hello, who would I speak to about
you guys possibly advertising on my beer blog?
– [Dean] That’s me, the owner, Dean.
– Then, search the hashtag coffee
and go to every coffee influencer and coffee barista and coffee media site on Instagram
and DM them and ask them to give awareness to this manifesto you just wrote,
and one out of will, but that’s better than zero.
Undervaluing just that one view, it needs to be the right view, but it’s one view, is a humongous mistake.
That’s it, that’s how you do it, the what.
That I’m willing to sit here right now and make this video,
hoping that one fucker, one fucker, says, “Oh shit, yeah,” like, “Fuck it.”
That’s written word.
You look at the Mediums, LinkedIn, the WordPresses.
You start a blog, right, or you do it on your Facebook
or you do it on your Instagram.

The how.
There’s only really three core ways in the current internet to really communicate to the world.
The written word, or video, what I’m doing right now. YouTube, Facebook video, Instagram, one minute versions.
Video is the other way we communicate, and number three, audio, the boom of podcasts.
These are things that matter.
What the fuck do you wanna talk about?
How are you gonna communicate it, written, audio, or video, and how do you give people to actually see it?
This is where we showed you how to go into the DM, right, or you’ve gotta figure out how to use some money and use Facebook ads and target the people that you’re trying to reach, or grinding hustle, just literally emailing to different blogs or media sites and saying,
“Do you wanna distribute my content?”
Somebody has a personal email newsletter about coffee news.
Find that person and ask them.
You just gotta ask, and be smart.
Jab, jab, jab, right hook.
Ask them what you can do for them because you want everybody to read this.
Post it on Medium and hit up the editors of Medium who curate content.
Post a link on it and to Reddit.
Hit up the thousands of 4700 coffee influencers on YouTube and send them a message and ask them if they wanna read it on their YouTube channel that has 147 views.
147 views is better than zero.

The fuckin’ work, that’s how you start.

— @GaryVee

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