How to Make the Most of your Marketing Budget

Make your brand stand out, with the dollars you've got

By Mikhaila Leech

When you’re running a small business, every dollar counts. This is especially true with your marketing budget. You’ve created a corporate identity, but how will you let it be known? How will you generate the largest amount of leads for the fewest dollars?  How will you boost your revenue and blow your competition away?

Here are a few methods to stand out… with the dollars you’ve got.

Industry Conferences and Tradeshows

Justifying the cost of a booth and taking away valuable employee from the business may be hard, but the clients you can gain may be worth the time and effort. Conferences are great way for your organization to gain exposure. Over 23,500 investors, analysts, mining executive, geologists, prospectors and government officials from 116 countries attended PDAC’s 2015 conference. On top of that, 240 accredited media, 30 federal members as well as eight Cabinet Ministers, and six provincial and territorial Ministers.

Social Marketing

Facebook has become the most popular social media platforms, but there are plenty of other channels organizations are turning too. Many platforms allow for paid posts – which can increase awareness immensely.The key is knowing how to interact on each platform. Creating marketing materials that can be shared on all platforms is central in monetizing your digital presence, and creating consistency on all platforms.


Humans are visual creatures. The brain processes’ visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Infographics combines statistics and graphics to create a data-rich visualization of your organization’s story. They are a great tool to educate and inform your audience and are easily embedded on all your channels.



Creating a video series can give you multiple products that can then be shared on all platforms. Home in on one theme and create numerous clips can give you valuable content suitable for all your social media channels, or as promotional materials at your next conference.

Below is an example of a video used solely to promote the product or brand. Now created this video to help TheRedPin launch their new offering. Keeping it short at 30 seconds long avoids loosing the viewers attention. The animation is engaging, and turns numbers and statistics into fun, interesting visuals.

The video below was made as a part of a series Now produced for TRIDEL. It promotes a brand, and showcases the organizations expertise and knowledge in their industry. You can create a series of videos on “tips and tricks” for your industry in one shot, and have content to share for an extended period of time.



Marketing is a fundamental element in growth and profitability, but unfortunately not all budgets are made equal. Invest your marketing budget the right way – and you can see a great return on your investment.



Now Creative Group is a creative agency that provides Design, Digital, Marketing and Media services. Located in downtown Toronto, the team is made up of talented creatives, business strategists and design-thinkers. Now Creative Group has worked with startups and major brands including Panasonic Canada, OCAD University, Nymi and PDAC (Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada).

If you are looking for support with your marketing, reach out and learn more at Connect@nowcreativegroup.com.

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