How to Hire the Perfect Team for Your Values and Vision

Hiring for Culture Fit: Workshop at Now Common

Company culture is a determining factor in business success.

On Tuesday November 1st, Now Creative Group is hosting a special edition of our bi-weekly #TrainingTuesday events: A workshop on Hiring for Culture Fit.

alexis-deanAlexis Dean founder of Dovetail Team Building & Training will be running a 90-minute workshop on scaling up your team with the right culture fit. Now Creative Group will be donating proceeds from this workshop to a youth non-profit organization in our community!

In this workshop hosted at Now Common, you will learn and implement solutions to help you:

  • Create the ultimate job posting to attract outstanding applicants (and save yourself hours of sifting through resumés and cover letters)
  • Develop an interview process to fairly and accurately assess applicants, without trying to rely on “gut feelings” (Research shows that “gut feelings” are sometimes hunger pangs and low blood sugar!)
  • Hire for culture fit while maintaining a diverse and multi-talented multi-faceted workforce, avoiding hiring a team of clones
  • Enhance your on-boarding process with activities and experiences to align new hires with your company culture, and ensure that new team members feel connected with the rest of the team from day one.

Hire for culture fit.

Company culture is the determining factor in the success of your business. Contrary to popular belief, culture isn’t developed by organizing drinks on a Friday afternoon, providing free lunches, or planning a bowling night. Your company culture is the personality of your organization, and it impacts everything. No matter what size your business is, whether you have one employee or one-thousand-and-one employees, the best way to build a high performance company culture that’s aligned with your vision and values is to hire for culture fit.

ON 90-minute experiential workshop is designed to provide you with the information you need to develop an outstanding hiring-for-culture-fit practice, along with the opportunity to put it into practice in your own business. The workshop will begin by 6:15 pm and will be followed by networking. (This is a different format from our typical #TrainingTuesday events, for those that are familiar).

Register: Ticket proceeds from this event will be Donated to a Toronto-based youth charity. The cost is $10 per person is payable here on Meetup.

For more details on this workshop, please visit the event page and for future events, join the Now Common Meetup Group.

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