How to Create a Content Strategy for a Startup

Casandra Campbell, Shopify marketing team member, freelancer, and founder of her own beer company shares tips on Content Strategy. The interview was conducted by Scott Summerhayes of Project: SPACES.

Casandra Campbell at Project SPACES

How do you approach competing with all the other content out there?

It has to be the best in some way if you want to be successful. But being the best doesn’t need to mean that you are the most knowledgeable person in the world, or the most experienced person in the world. I think it’s really intimidating to have to make the best content, but it’s totally doable… Think about ‘why would people want to read this?’

How can you get more clicks?

It’s just by providing value. If you want to do something on the web, you need people to click, whether it’s to buy your product or submit their contact information to come in for a tour, you need them to spend that click, and the way you do that is by providing value. Value is just where the person clicking just feels like they’re getting something out of the transaction. So whether it’s entertainment, learning, problem solving… they’re getting something in return for their click, and that’s what content does.

How important is niche targeting for your content?

Especially earlier on, the more targeted you are the easier it’s going to be to get traction. That’s because you’re providing a very specific value to a small group of people. So, if you are someone who is looking specifically for shirts made out of linen and you really need it to be sweat-resistant, if you can provide exactly what those few people want, you’re going to get a lot more traction. As you grow you can expand.

“Content is the product of the web, and clicks are basically the currency.”

From Now’s Twitter account, another quick video clip of Casandra’s tips:

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